Spray painting equipment that can supply a high air volume at low pressure (HVLP) characterized by excellent practicality, flexibility and simplicity of use by means of a two-stage tangential motor.
The air flow rate is adjustable by means of a built-in electronic system – only for TMR80 (800W) and TMR140 (1400W) models – in order to optimize the quantity and finishing degree of the covering product also on the basis of its density/viscosity.
In combination with specific spray guns, it enables the user to paint at a high speed rate, with great accuracy and safety, to lower the costs and protect the environment with limited overspray effect.
Moreover, the equipment can produce hot and dry air (by decreasing relative humidity by 40% on the average), all this to the advantage of a better and quicker material drying process.
It can be used with all types of water or solvent based varnish/paint.
The equipment can be combined with a considerable quantity of accessories and therefore customized for one’s own use.